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Wae Rebo & West-Flores Trekking tour - 6Days/5Nights
or Wae Rebo Compact Tour 3Days/2Nights

Labuan Bajo ➝ Denge ➝ Wae Rebo ➝ Ruteng ➝ Labuan Bajo

Wae Rebo Trekking Tour

Wae Rebo is an old village with unique architecture, which is isolated located in a beautiful mountain landscape in the Manggarai in West Flores. It consists of 7 traditional circular and cone-shaped buildings called Mbaru Niang, which means in the Manggarai language "Drum houses". The village is only reachable after a 3-4 hour hike (depending on your physical condition). The village offers visitors not only the opportunity to see authentic Manggarai architecture but also to participate in the life of the local community. The hike leads along a narrow path through dense rain forest with various ferns, orchids and palm trees and we will be accompanied by the singing of many different birds

Day 1:

Arrival on Flores Island

Flight Bali to Labuan Bajo. Pick up from Komodo Airport in Labuan Bajo, Transfer to Hotel. Accommodation in Golo Hilltop Hotel or in Puri Sari Beach Hotel in Labuan Bajo.

This accommodation can be omitted if you arrival in Labuan Bajo in the morning. Then the tour will be shortened tor 5 days / 4 nights

Day 2:

Labuan Bajo ➝ Dintor

From Labuan Bajo, we drive to Dintor a village near the South coast of Flores. It's a very nice but long drive passing many green rice fields. In Dintor you will stay overnight in nice located but very simple local guest house/homestay.

Day 3:

Trekking Wae Rebo

On this day, you make a beautiful but demanding hike through lush green mountain country to the village of Wae Rebo. In the past the people of Manggarai lived in huge round houses with space for up to 200 people. When the Dutch came, these homes were demolished because they found them to by not hygienic. So, this ancient treasure was lost. But hidden in the mountains a couple of this mythical houses have been preserved and renovated by the local community together with a team of architects based in Jakarta and the Indonesian Government.

Wae Rebo is tucked away in a spectacular surrounding and is only accessible on foot. You will be welcomed as guests of honor with a special ceremony.

You stay the night in this village and have plenty of time to see the local way of life. Most people here work from early morning until the dusk in the gardens, harvest coffee or are busy with the traditional processing of coffee beans. You will be overwhelmed by the calm and the beauty of this place. There is no electricity, no cell phone signal, no Mopeds. You will overnight at the Mbaru Niang, dine together with the Wae Rebo community and sleep on a Tikar, a woven mat made of pandanus leaf and get an impression of how was the life as extended families lived under one roof.

Day 4:

Wae Rebo - Denge - Ruteng

After breakfast we start the hiking back to Denge. The descent is shorter as the way up yesterday. From Denge we drive to Ruteng. Here you will stay overnight depend of your choice and availability in an catholic convent or in the comfirtable Spring Hill Bungalows or other hotel in town

It is also possible to go from Denge directly back to Labuan Bajo and the tour can be shortened

Day 5:

Ruteng ➝ Labuan Bajo

After breakfast, we drive from Ruteng to Labuan Bajo. Our first stop is in Cancar to see the spider web rice field called Lingko. Lingko is a typical farmer land in the group or clan belong to Manggaraian (west part ethnic group) when they divide land. Than we continue to Liang Bua (Hobbit cave). This large cave was the site of a stunning archeological discovery in 2003, when the skeletal remains of a small humanoid were unearthed, the so-called Homo Floresiensis. There is a small museum on site with some displays. Otherwise the cave is indeed empty. Optional and with additional charge we can visit Melo to see performance of Caci - ritual whip fight dance .

Depending on your choice, availability and travel-budget accommodation in Golo Hilltop Hotel or in Puri Sari Beach Hotel in Labuan Bajo

Day 6:

Departure from Flores Island

or continue with Komodo Tour

With arrival in Labuan Bajo in the early morning and without accommodation in Ruteng this tour can be shortened to 3 days/2 nights Trekking Wae Rebo Tour. From Ruteng the journey can also continue towards Bajawa and volcano Kelimutu and end in Ende or Maumere.


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